Properly Configuring Remote Access To Your Nightingale.

To allow IPFinity Remote Access to Your Nightingale QoS Appliance for the purposes of Remote Configuration and Diagnostics.

1. Please create a DHCP Reservation for the IP Address that you wish to assign to the Nightingales Management port.

     (Please look at the DHCP Lease Table in your Firewall after you have plugged the Nightingale in to your switch and powered it up to find the MAC Address of the Management Port.)

2. Then please create the following port forwards to that IP Address :

     7022 TCP On Your External IP --> 7022 on Management Port's Internal IP.

     7443 TCP On Your External IP --> 7443 on Management Port's Internal IP.

For Information on how to insure that you have correctly installed your Nightingale, please reference the attached document.

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