E911 Service

Access to 911 should never be taken for granted. 911 should never be dialled unless there is an actual emergency.

IPFINITY's service agility means that your phone service is inherently nomadic and not hard-wired to your location. Because of this, IPFINITY encourages you to ensure your 911 information is and remains up to date and accurate.

To verify your address information, dial 9-3-3 from your IPFINITY phone. You will hear back an automated recording with your address on file. If this is incorrect, please notify IPFINITY support immediately (support@ipfinity.com) and inform your administrator that your 911 service is suspended until the address correction has been made and verified.

If you are using your IPFINITY phone service in a nomadic situation (while traveling, for example), and you dial 9-1-1, the dispatch could be directed to your official service address despite providing an alternative address over the phone. For this reason, we strongly discourage using the IPFINITY service to call 9-1-1 in such circumstances, and recommend instead using a cellular phone to call 911.

If you wish to live test your 911 service, you must contact your local PSAP (public safety access point) and set up a test call appointment prior to making a test call. You may call your local police station's 10-digit phone number to obtain the contact information for your local PSAP.

Despite your best efforts to advise the PSAP of your test, should the operator deem the call to be an emergency or deem it to be a nuisance call (Rogue Call), whether or not a dispatch occurs, you could be subjected to a Rogue Call charge. As per our E911 Terms of Service (E911-TOS), will pass on such Rogue Call charges.

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