How to Factory Troubleshoot, Reset and Reconfigure Cisco PAP2T

Check if the information loaded in the ATA is correct:

  • Dial **** and listen for a voice to prompt you for a menu option
  • Dial 110 and write down the device's IP address.
  • Dial 130 and write down the Gateway IP address.
  • Dial 120 and write down the Subnet Mask.


If the device is acting normally in the **** test, then the next step would be to factory reset it and then reconfigure it.

The factory reset procedure is here:


The reconfiguration procedure is as follows:

  • Dial **** followed by 110# to obtain the device's IP address.
  • Browse to the following address, replacing <ip> with the device's IP. Copy and paste the entire line verbatim as a single URL.
  • http://<ip>/admin/resync?
  • If prompted, login as admin, admin
  • The device will reboot and fetch its provisioning
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