Microsip Instalation and Configuration (PC softphone)

Installing and configuring MicroSIP for use with IPFINITY


Step 1

Please go to http://www.microsip.org/ downloads and click on MicroSIP-3.9.6.exe, a file will be downloaded once it has finished downloading please double click it and install the application.

Start the application.


Step 2

When you see the keypad, right click on the small phone icon on the bottom left and click on Account.

In the SIP Server field enter: [from IPFINITY]

In the User field enter: [from IPFINITY]

In the Domain field: [from IPFINITY]

In the Password field enter: [from IPFINITY]

IPFINITY will send you a separate document with your credentials.

Leave the other settings as default.   


Step 3

Now right click on the phone icon again but this time click on Settings. Using the small arrows, remove all of the audio codecs in the right pane except for G722 and G729.  It should look like this: http://i.imgur.com/GzJFPu6.jpg

Test by calling.


Step 4

To record your voicemail greeting dial 00 followed by your extension number. Dial 00300 password is 300
Once inside your voicemail box, dial 0 for mailbox options and then follow the prompts to record your busy and unavailable greetings. Be sure to follow the prompts and save your voicemail greeting.


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