Fax Machine Setup and Troubleshooting Procedures

How to connect the Fax Machine to ATA.

1. Connect the fax machine to the phone port on the ATA. If the ATA has more that one port, please check with support which port has been configured for FAX.

2. Plug in the ATA to the Internet and connect it to power.

3. Wait for all lights to become solid green. This can take several minutes. During this period, do not unplug the ATA. It is necessary for the device to complete its reboot cycle before all the lights turn green. 

4. Please ensure that the fax machine is set to Group 3 mode and has the maximum speed (baud rate) of 9600 bps. This is very important as higher fax speeds will result in unreliable faxing. If you are unsure of how to set your fax machine's maximum speed, refer to your fax machine's user manual or contact your fax machine manufacturer's website/support.


Fax Troubleshooting Procedures

1. If you are having trouble faxing to a specific fax number, call the number from a phone and check if it is a fax number (you should hear a fax-tone).

2. If you are having trouble faxing to any number, try "faxing" to your phone (e.g. dial your cell phone or office line from your fax machine). You should receive a call and hear a fax tone. If not, check your fax machine's connection to the ATA and check that the ATA is online. Also check for any loose cables: Fax, ATA, router etc.

3. To confirm if your ATA has a functioning Internet connection you could connect another device into the jack that is providing the ATA with Internet.

4. If you need to, power cycle your router to re-establish an Internet connection. This can be done by unplugging the device for 30 seconds and plugging it back in.

5. Check the fax machine's settings.

6. Contact IPFINITY Support if the fax is still not working after following the procedures above. Please tell us the steps you took and the results you are getting.


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