IPFINITY Voicemail FAQ's

Q: Why does my voicemail say it's full when I delete all my voicemail emails?

A: Deleting a voicemail email does not delete it from your phone's voicemail box, as the two are completely independent. To delete voice messages from your voicemail, you must log into your voicemail via the phone (either your office phone, or from an external phone - see below for instructions); the default mailbox limit is 100 messages. For your convenience, you may have your mailbox set up to auto-delete voicemails once they are emailed (i.e. email access only).


Q: Why do some voicemails not get saved?

A: Voice messages that are less than 10 seconds in length are not saved. Short messages are typically hang-ups, with no content. For your convenience, these messages are not saved in your mailbox and as such, you will not be notified of a new message.


Q: How do I access my mailbox from outside the office or when I'm away from my phone?

A: If you have an IVR (Interactive Voice Response - the automated greeting that answers when your phone number is dialled), simply call your main number and dial 000. You will be prompted for your mailbox number (your extension) and password (your usual voicemail password). Once you are logged in, simply follow the prompts as usual.


Q: What is the difference between the Busy and Unavailable voicemail message?

A: When you log into your voicemail box, there are two main greetings to record. The Busy message is played when your phone is in use (i.e. you are on the phone or set it to Do Not Disturb. The Unavailable message plays when your phone goes unanswered. For the sake of convenience, most users record the same greeting into both mailboxes.


Q: What is the temporary greeting?

A: You may record a temporary greeting to override the unavailable and messages. This is useful if you are on holiday or away for an extended period of time. Press 0 at the voicemail main menu to know if the temporary greeting, or to disable the temporary greeting.


Q: Why am I not receiving voicemail to email?

A: First, confirm that the email address you are expecting to receive the voicemail is what IPfinity has on file. If the correct email address is in use, you should check your spam/junk folder. If the emails aren't there, please ask your email provider/administrator to white-list emails from our email server *.ipfinity.com (star dot ipfinity dot com).

If they have already white-listed our email server but you're still unable to receive the emails, please ask them to trace where the emails are going to and troubleshoot.


Q: How do I find out when a Voicemail Message was Sent and where it came from?

A: To Access this information, press 33 after you have finished listening to the message.

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