Porting Your Number to IPFINITY

Porting a number to IPFINITY

“Porting,” or transfering a telephone number to IPFINITY, is made possible by CRTC regulations and agreements in place between LEC's (Local Exchange Carriers) on Local Number Portability (aka "LNP").

This guide is designed to explain the basics of the porting process, how it works, and what you need to do.

Step 1: You Request A Port

Documentation Required:

  • Porting Letter of Authorization ("LOA") — a blank form is attached below
  • Recent Phone Bill (from current carrier)

Timeline: 5-30 business days (typically, local numbers are ported within 5-10 business days)

The process beings when you send us a (1) completed LOA along with (2) recent copies of your phone bills. The information on the LOA must exactly match the account information that your current service provider has on file, even this is at variance with the information you have. The second piece of documentation required is a recent copy of your phone bill from that carrier. This bill must show each phone number(s) being ported to IPFINITY. The contact person on the account must sign the front of the bill and circle the phone numbers that are to be ported. Email / fax this to IPFINITY.

If you are initiating a partial port (i.e. leaving some numbers with the existing carrier), porting numbers from a PRI, or have other non-telecom services with the carrier, you must inform your IPFINITY representative.

Note: You do not need to inform your current carrier of the impending port.

Step 2: We start the porting process

As soon as the information is completely and correctly captured by our system, a reference number for the port is generated, and you are notified through our ticketing system. Once the port has begun, you will receive a confirmation email, and can use your reference number to track its progress.

While the port is in progress, we may provision pilot numbers for you if you require them. Pilot numbers are temporary phone numbers that you can call-forward your live numbers to during the porting process. The pilots are automatically disconnected after the port is complete, so as to make the porting process completely seamless.

Step 3: Porting is complete

As soon as the port is complete, you will be notified via email.

At this point we will thoroughly test your system to confirm that the port is correct and complete.

Now, and only now, do you cancel your service with your previous provider.


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