Pre-provisioning a Grandstream phone (for auto provisioning)

Do NOT attempt the procedures described below unless advised to do so by an IPFINITY technical support representative.

Preprovisioning via the Phone's Keypad

  1. Use the phone's keypad and navigate to [menu]->[config]->[upgrade]->[config server]
  2. enter via the phone's keypad

Pre provisioning using a web browser

  1. This procedure cannot be used if the phone does not have an IP address
  2. Note the phone's IP address (use the menu key and access the status page on the phone)
  3. Point a web browser to the phone's IP address
  4. Login (your IPFINITY representative will provide you with the login credentials)
  5. Go to Settings->Advanced, and replace the Config Server Path: field with


  1. Reboot the phone. (The phone may spontaneously reboot a few times, do not interrupt the process).
  2. When it finally comes up, it should have the IPFINITY logo and its credentials.
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