Configuring a Grandstream HT70X ATA/Analog Telephone Adapter

HT70x Configuration

Warning: do NOT attempt this process unless advised to do so by an IPFINITY Tech Support Agent. It could render your ATA inoperable.


Grandstream reference document:

Configuring a Grandstream HT701 ATA

So the 1, 2, 3, … steps to reconfiguration are:

  1. Power up.
  2. Connect LAN port of the device to a working LAN with DHCP and router to the Net.
  3. Discover the device's IP — use arp or look up the DHCP client list of the router, etc.
  4. Access the device's IP via web browser, login with default password "admin" (this password may have been changed by IPFINITY; if so, our tech support department will provide you with the correct password or require you to factory reset your ATA).
  5. In the Advanced Settings tab, set config server path: to (note the trailing /ht)
  6. Save and reboot
The ATA will fetch its configuration from IPFINITY's provisioning servers.


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