How to configure a Panasonic TGP 5XX cordless SIP phone set

This document describes how to configure a TGP 5XX series phone system so it can fetch its configuration from IPFINITY's configuration servers. Do not attempt this procedure without first consulting with an IPFINITY support representative as it may disrupt your phone service.


The easy way to pre-provision the Panasonic TGP5XX phone set

  1. Connect the base unit or base phone to LAN
  2. Connect a handset to power
  3. Press [MENU] # 1 3 0 on the handset, and press ALL on the base to register the handset to the base.
  4. Press [MENU] # 5 3 4 on the handset and enable the base-station's web server.
  5. Login --- the default username is admin and the default password is adminpass.
  6. Go to Maintenance->Provisioning Maintenance, and set:
    1. Enable Provisioning: YES
    2. Standard File URL:{mac}.cfg. The URL string is case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as-is; to avoid making a mistake, please copy-paste from this Wiki entry. Also leave the {mac} string in the URL as is, i.e. do not substitute it with the MAC address of your phone. 
  7. Save and restart the phone

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