How to factory reset a Grandstream HT-70x Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA)

Do not perform this procedure unless advised by your IPFINITY technical support advisor.

The below information is taken from Grandstream's technical document:


There are three (3) methods for resetting your unit:

Reset Button

Reset default factory settings following these four (4) steps:

  1. Unplug the Ethernet cable.

  2. Locate a needle-sized hole on the back panel of the gateway unit next to the power connection.

  3. Insert a pin in this hole, and press for about 7 seconds.

  4. Take out the pin. All unit settings are restored to factory settings.

IVR Command

Reset default factory settings using the IVR Prompt (Table 5):

  1. Dial “***” for voice prompt.

  2. Enter “99” and wait for “reset” voice prompt.

  3. Enter the encoded MAC address (Look below on how to encode MAC address).

  4. Wait 15 seconds and device will automatically reboot and restore factory settings.

Encode the MAC Address

  1. Locate the MAC address of the device. It is the 12 digit HEX number on the bottom of the unit.

  2. Key in the MAC address. Use the following mapping: 0-9: 0-9

    1. A:  22 (press the “2” key twice, “A” will show on the LCD)

    2. B:  222

    3. C:  2222

    4. D:  33 (press the “3” key twice, “D” will show on the LCD)

  1. E:  333

  2. F:  3333

For example: if the MAC address is 000b8200e395, it should be keyed in as “0002228200333395”. 

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