This article is intended to answer the most Frequently Asked Questions concerning IPFinity's Fax To E-Mail Service.


Q: Why Do I sometimes get an E-Mail from the IPFINITY FAX server that has a zero size PDF File attached to it?

A: Our Fax Server sends an E-Mail everytime someone dials your Fax Number (whether or not it's a fax machine) to insure that you do not miss any faxes due to issues with the sending Fax Machine. Wrong numbers, auto-diallers, etc. will trigger a zero-sized fax. Generally, if a fax machine is attempting to send you a fax and it fails for any reason, it will retry a few times, 1-5 minutes apart. If you don't recognize the number or that number does not retry, it's very likely a wrong number.


Q: Why does my PDF Reader tell me that it cannot open the PDF File attached to the message?

A: If you receive a message from our Fax Server that contains is a zero-sized PDF File, the PDF Reader Software thinks that the file is damaged. 


Q: What happens if the fax transmission is interrupted?

A: Whether or not a fax is completely received, it will be emailed to you in the form that it was received. If the fax is interrupted, you will receive an incomplete fax document to the extent of what was received. If you believe that a fax is incomplete, you should contact the sender of the fax and ask them to resend the fax. 


Questions not answered by this article can be directed to support@ipfinity.com.


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