Configuring a Grandstream Sidecar for your GXP series IP Phone

Step 1: Find your phone’s IP Address by pressing the "UP" key on your phone. Alternatively, you can find the IP Address on your phone by selecting Menu > Status > Network Status > IPv4 Address should appear here

Step 2: Type this IP address into your web browser. It should open up your phone’s webpage with log-in. Please contact us for the log-in credentials ( 

Step 3: Go to Settings Tab > Extension Boards > Extension 1

Step 4: Here you can set up the type, name, and number for each person you want. Value indicates their phone number or extension number. For extensions, choose BLF and enter the extension number. For other phone numbers, choose speed dial and enter the full phone number, including area code (but without any spaces, commas or other special characters).

Step 5: Remember to scroll to the bottom and click “Save”. 


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